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Fathima Saleem

#ThisIsTRSM: Ensuring Creativity in the Classroom

If you take MKT 100 or MKT 300 and expect Dr. Fathima Saleem to simply stand behind a podium and read from a PowerPoint presentation, you may be in for a surprise. The Assistant Professor of Marketing likes to knock down the traditional barriers between professors and students, sitting amongst her class during lectures, using…

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#ThisIsTRSM: From Barbados to Business Management

#ThisIsTRSM profiles new students and faculty at TRSM. In this first edition, we hear from Shebree Broomes, a first-year Business Management student, about why she chose to come to Toronto, what it's like to attend university in a bustling city, and the learning strategies that will help her succeed. Coming to Canada I was born…

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