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Inspired by the business and fashion perspectives of the retail industry, Erica is in her final year of studies at the Ted Rogers School of Retail Management. After studying abroad in France, she is excited to finish her studies and continue to travel the world to expand her horizon on the retail industry internationally.

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What is Magnet?

The Ted Rogers School of Management is one of Canada's largest business schools operating with more than 9,000 full- and part-time undergraduate students and approximately 200 MBA candidates. TRSM has built their reputable name through their commitment to providing programs that are in-demand and relevant for the industry. We are also known for our experiential…

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All About The International Exchange Program

Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University offers a very interesting, exciting opportunity for students who would like to study abroad. The International Exchange Program provides an opportunity for Ryerson students to internationalize their studies and develop a greater understanding of the globalization of today’s marketplace. Ryerson has partner institutions around the world, which…

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